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Case Study: Aerated shower heads – a way to save water?

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The average shower uses 12-16 litres of water every minute. Although this means a five minute shower will generally use less water than a bath, reducing the amount of water that is used whilst maintaining the pleasure of a shower is something that many companies are now trying to do. If you read my blog post last week it states that Unilever is offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to submit new and innovative ideas on how to solve this problem on their website, however products like this already exist in the current market.

One of them is an aerated shower head. The general philosophy is that air is added to the water supply as it passes through the shower head, therefore displacing some of the water, reducing the amount of water used and making the water droplets ‘softer’ on your skin without losing power.

Ecocamel sells aerated shower heads, at prices ranging from around £30 up to £70 and they claim this cuts 40% off your hot water bill. At that rate it will pay for itself well within a year depending on the model and the number of people in the household. The main problem with this product is that it does not work with low powered or electric showers and is said to be extremely noisy, not exactly ideal when seeking a relaxing shower.

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