Alternative Electricity
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Bart Volkers
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06 Apr 2017 16:13 PM
Alternative Electricity
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The Afsluitdijk is the number one symbol for the Dutch fight against water. Now that it has to be renovated, De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk is seizing the opportunity to turn the dam into a sustainable energy dam. From now on the Dutch will not only be fighting the water, they will also be working with it in a future-oriented and innovative way.

One way is doing this by supporting and facilitating the Blue Energy Afsluitdijk special energy project. A test set-up is currently operating in Breezanddijk, which the SME REDstack is using to gain knowledge about this new method for power generation. This project has recently been nominated as National Icon.

Blue Energy is the technology used to generate power from the difference in salt concentration of salt and fresh water. The principle of Blue Energy has been known since the 1970s, but it was never really applied in practice.

By now the technique has proved itself on a small scale in the Wetsus laboratory and on a (larger) semi-engineering scale at Frisia Zout. The next step is to optimise the technology under natural conditions and then to upscale and commercialise it using a demonstration installation.

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