Gas Distribution
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Clara Presa
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16 Nov 2017 13:39 PM
Gas Distribution
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EnW ESCP-4i has identified several thematic priorities and CHALLENGES to be tackled through new innovations and developments by European water and energy sector. Through this post we hightlight challenges to present specific ‘needs’ for innovative solutions to encourage/stimulate the
European SMEs to target third countries.

The vast majority of breweries in North America understand the need to improve their water and resource management performance to save money, protect the environment and enhance community relations. Communities, industries and decision makers in North America seeking more practical information and technologies in the process of potable reuse of water. Utilities, industries and municipalities are interested in water reuse projects and give priority on this topic. 

Possible solutions: 

  1. Monitoring that enables optimized operations and ocntrol to treat, reuse, recycle and upgrade water quality
  2. Process water treatment to increase water reuse
  3. Management and consulting on water communication on the value, needs and challenges associated with potable reuse of water 

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