Commodity Chemicals
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Clara Presa
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16 Nov 2017 13:36 PM
Commodity Chemicals
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EnW ESCP-4i has identified several thematic priorities and CHALLENGES to be tackled through new innovations and developments by European water and energy sector. Through this post we hightlight challenges to present specific  ‘needs’ for innovative solutions  to encourage/stimulate the European SMEs to target third countries.

Challenge 2 collects all the specific needs detected among Chemical Industry towards industrial modernization: Sustainable Chemical industry vision is to manufacture their products without wastewater and by this significantly contribution to a more sustainable world. Chemical industry looks for innovative strategies and technologies to reduce chemical oxygen demand CODs and high salt concentrations in both water treatment and water recycling in order to establish wastewater-free Chemical sites. 

This challenge has several dimensions: energy and water cycle towards process improvement and water and energy efficiency.

Technologies in the field of waste and process water treatment are key and most applicable to the challenge of this chemistry manufacturer to establish wastewater free chemical sites.

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