Alternative Electricity
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Clara Presa
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16 Nov 2017 13:44 PM
Alternative Electricity
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EnW ESCP-4i has identified several thematic priorities and CHALLENGES to be tackled through new innovations and developments by European water and energy sector. Through this post we hightlight challenges to present specific ‘needs’ for innovative solutions to encourage/stimulate the European SMEs to target third countries.

Challenge 3 refers to the need of a Sustainable energy strategy at North African Countries. For example, Morocco iports 96% of ther energy distribution and its government planned investments in sustainable energy technologies: wind energy, solar and hydroelectric. The challenge of the government of Morocco is to transfer these investments  into solid innovative technologies. 

Morocco has launched a national R&D platform (Moroccan Research Institute for Solar Energy and New Energies) dedicated to conduct and to promote inter-disciplinary research and training programs on clean power generation technologies (based on solar) coupled with water desalination, which are more adapted to the local environment with a high level of optimization.

EnW ESCP-4i has within its members many skills and technologies relevant for a sustainable energy deployment: smart energy storage and blue energy experts are found within our network.  

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