Farming, Fishing & Plantations
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Clara Presa
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16 Nov 2017 13:47 PM
Farming, Fishing & Plantations
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EnW ESCP-4i has identified several thematic priorities and CHALLENGES to be tackled through new innovations and developments by European water and energy sector. Through this post we hightlight  challenges to present specific ‘needs’ for innovative solutions to encourage/stimulate the European SMEs to target third countries.

This Challenge 4 refers to the north-african farming practices (e.g. Tomato) that are cultivating tomatoes using spring water as main source. The challenge of the farmers is using available geothermal energy and design & build the greenhouses in a more sustainable way. Special attention is payed to water efficiency (due to scarce availability in relation to quality) as well as energy production and efficiency.

Possible solutions start with wastewater treatment and reuse technologies, as well as water recycling systems, ensuring nutrient and energy recovery. Furthermore, heat storage and exchange systems could be part of integrated solutions. Monitoring is key to efficiently operate and control the water and energy systems, especially in combination with smart systems and ‘internet of things-applications’.

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