EnW SMEs showcase their innovations and compete at SMAGUA 2017

22 Feb 2017 at 12:00AM by Michael Green

EnW recently launched an elevator style pitch competition for SMEs to showcase their innovations and solutions which can simultaneously tackle challenges facing energy and water sectors. This event will take place at SMAGUA 2017, where Energy in Water ESCP-4i is celebrating its third international mission: 

Nine organisations submitted applications, further details below:

Solable http://www.solable.fr/

LaDouche is a compact tankless water heater with instant heat feature. This IoT device permits to save about 80-90% of the energy bill relative to shower (about 50% of EU residential mix) and 10-20% of the water quantity, due to instant heat feature. Nebia solution will increase its energy performance (1500w from the socket for a comfortable shower, instead of 15-20kw today) and about 75% water reduction (2.5 l/min instead of 8 l/min) .

BALAMIS http://www.balamis.com/

Balamis is a company that develops L-band microwave radiometers such as ARIEL IS, a microwave radiometer that provides soil moisture by remote sensing adaptable through aircraft, drones or ground vehicles Used for flood management, levee inspection, drought monitoring, sector irrigation projects, illegal irrigation, seeding support or pest management, allowing water and energy savings for irrigation.

Greene Waste to Energy http://greene.es/

GREENE provides energetic valorization of sludge from urban sewage treatment plants (EDAR), by means of a gasification process for the removal of sludge and obtaining electric and thermal energy. This solution solves several problems:

1. Sludge removal

2. Lower consumption of fossil fuels used during the drying process

3. Lower the electricity consumption of the grid for the operation of the plant

4. Environmental improvements

Cognit http://www.cognit.es

Real Water Value Analysis is an analytical tool by COGNIT that measures and evaluates the industrial processes by its water use, allowing to identify which water uses have more cost embedded (including energy costs) and thus developing an action plan for efficiency based on financial water strategy: changing water quality requirements, adopting water-energy solutions, modifying water treatments, recovering water, etc.

IDEYA http://www.ideyared.es/

IDEYA have developed a solution for detection and evaluation of wastewater stream in surface water masses using RPAS (Remotely piloted aircraft systems). The objective of the solution is to evaluate the impact of wastewater discharge over the river through temperature and colour evaluation, combining RGB camera with georeference and thermal camera for temperature in a RPAS.

Arvia Technology http://www.arviatechnology.com/

Arvia’s water proposition offers cost effective treatment of trace problematic, toxic or hazardous organics in water and waste water streams. It achieves this with its patented innovative technology, the Organics Destruction Cell (ODC) that combines adsorption with advanced oxidation in a single, scalable unit. The system provides the following benefits:

• No toxic by-products and no sludge

• Energy used is proportional to the organics destroyed. The lower the concentration of organics the more cost-effective!

• Chemical free and environmentally sound

• Modular and scalable design

• Safe to operate system and low maintenance

APA WATER TECHNOLOGIES www.apawatertechnologies.com

APA Water provides a new and revolutionary solution in water disinfection employing ozone microbubbles without the need of using chemicals in the process, that can be used for swimming pools but also for water reusage, drinking water purification, waste treatment among other applications.

GEEZAR Soluciones www.geezar.es

Pitwatcher is a stand-alone monitoring system for real time access to water conditions. We use GEEZAR technology for providing an advanced system where our customers are able to check their networks and facilities water conditions, including sms/email alarms for undesired events.

Ingeobras Water Solutions www.ingeobras.com

INGEOBRAS has patented a wastewater treatment technology based in anaerobic multiphase reactor for eliminate high concentration of organic material in waste flows from food industry. This technology is combined with complementary biological methods to eliminate inorganic pollutants in water such as nitrate or sulfates. Our solution saves 30-60% in electrical energy and high reduction in chemical inputs.

After carefully reviewing the proposals by a panel of experts, 6 organisations were invited to present at SMAGUA 2017.

The successful companies were able to demonstrate their ability to positively impact the whole water value chain with excellent and novel proposals linked to urban, industrial and agricultural water uses and combining in a smart way their approach to energy and water management.

The nominees showcasing their innovative solutions at SMAGUA are: SOLABLE from France ARVIA Technology from UK BALAMIS, GREENE, IDEYA and COGNIT from Spain

We would like to congratulate the successful applicants but also all of the organisations which submitted a proposal. The competition was incredibly close and the number of presentation spaces was limited. We would strongly encourage all members to make use of the Case Study section of the EnW website to showcase your innovations to a wider international audience.

We look forward to seeing you all in Zaragoza.

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EnW SMEs showcase their innovations and compete at SMAGUA 2017

22 Feb 2017

EnW recently launched an elevator style pitch competition for SMEs to showcase their...

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