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Contact: Dr Michael Green


The Water Cluster is a triple-helix members' network which brings together a wide range of stakeholders, including academia, business, government, NGOs and SMEs in joint-partnership. The cluster is jointly owned and managed by the Global Sustainability Institute at Anglia Ruskin University and Opportunity Peterborough, an economic business development agency for the city of Peterborough and the wider region. The cluster represents a true research-business collaboration which benefits from the expertise and experience of experts from research and business.

The Water Cluster aims to identify opportunities for collaboration and improve the coordination of Research, Development & Innovation (RDI) in water efficiency and urban water management with the goal of creating an “innovation friendly ecosystem”, where academia and businesses can work together to exploit common synergies and opportunities, transforming knowledge and expertise into innovative products, services and skills in the water sector. The cluster provides an online interactive database and member’s map, which gives members the opportunity to connect with other stakeholders in the UK water sector as well as internationally. The Water Cluster coordinates events to enable members to engage with thought leaders, share knowledge, expertise and experience, promoting collaboration and the development of long-term partnerships, with the goal of innovating and improving water efficiency and urban water management in the East of England and internationally.




Contact: Bianca Dragomir

Email: bdragomir(at)

AVAESEN is a cluster of energy companies representing the combined interests of the Valencian energy sector, providing tailored services and promoting business opportunities for its members to achieve global impact. AVAESEN has been awarded with the Bronze Cluster Management Excellence label and currently has more than 120 partners, representing 80% of energy companies in the Valencian Region, offering a variety of tailored member services. These include Action Plans for business growth, with personalised assistance on legislation, administrative issues, financing opportunities and business strategy development to support sustained growth.

AVAESEN also offers corporate finance and direct support at the market replication stage, as well as coordinating the “Business Observatory” comprising regular annual seminars, workshops and congresses, supporting their members access to new market for example the Green Investment Forum with over 40 VCs and business angels. AVAESEN also coordinates regular matchmaking opportunities for all its members, providing analysis and intelligence on the latest business opportunities, tenders and innovation in the energy sector, including sought after EU funding and international tenders. AVAESEN also represents their members by lobbying at national and overseas events and markets, as well as supporting fledgling startups by providing a tailored innovation acceleration programme for Cleantech enterprises.




Contact: Carlos Pereira

Email: cpereira(at)

Since its inception in 2002, Creation Development Eco-Enterprises (CD2E) has supported regional businesses to develop their capabilities, cultivate new expertise and create jobs and innovation capacity in Northern France across six key environmental sectors: Eco-construction, Water, Renewable energy, Life Cycle Thinking, Recycling and material recovery and Sediment management. As a regional centre of excellence the role of CD2E is to keep ahead of future developments and to make them accessible and operational. Its goal is to drive the eco-transition of Northern France’s environmental actors (companies, laboratories, communities) and economic sectors. In doing so, CD2E helps their partners to understand, decipher and navigate these new models and facilitate their implementation with regional, national and European partners to help form new partnerships at home and abroad.

CD2E structured around an ecosystem of clusters, resource centres and demonstrators to drive the region towards an eco-transition. The cluster drives change through participative action and real-life experimentation. This means testing, demonstrating and updating members and themselves of new sector developments, ensuring knowledge dissemination and a value chain for our member. Awareness raising and professional training are also crucial to member success in the field.




Contact: Morten Kildahl Sorensen

Email: mks(at)

CLEAN is Denmark’s leading cluster organisation with members from the entire cleantech sector and two complementary innovation networks. They provide a politically and technologically neutral platform where domestic and foreign companies, knowledge institutions and public authorities exchange knowledge and enter into new partnerships. This exchange cuts across industries and sectors, providing a ‘triple helix’ platform. CLEAN’s projects and activities aim to strengthen innovation and technology development in large as well as small and medium-sized cleantech companies by supporting research, development and implementation of new green solutions that address environmental challenges. By doing so, they have increased the international focus on Danish cleantech by promoting export of integrated solutions

CLEAN offers innovative, integrated solutions by building partnerships across borders and sectors, they ensure their partners get the opportunities to participate in international reference projects by offering sustainable total solutions with tailor-made financial models. CLEAN drives the process from the conceptual phase of a project until the project is developed with concrete solutions upon which it is transferred to the partners for contract signing. Together, the cluster and their partners develop projects with committed companies and clients, coordinating the internal work between partners and maintain the relationship with the client, as well as updating them on progress throughout the project. Furthermore, CLEAN negotiates concrete financial solutions and agreements with financial institutions.




Contact: Bart Volkers

Email: b.volkers(at)

The Water Alliance is a unique partnership of public and private companies, government agencies and knowledge institutes involved in water technology in the Netherlands. The Water Alliance focuses on innovative and sustainable water technology that can be used worldwide. It brings together a complete chain of innovation for water technology, from first idea, research and development, specialised laboratories, a water application centre, various demo-sites, launching customers on to the international stage, sharing this with commercial companies from diverse sectors such as knowledge and business.

Water Alliance’s philosophy is driven by the idea that technological development and innovation is needed to develop new markets and thus create new business opportunities for the water technology industry. In this way the Netherlands will become the European Water Technology Hub, with its center at the WaterCampus in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Water Alliance promotes employment by turning innovative water technology into sustainable economic growth. Furthermore, the Water Alliance inspires, encourages, motivates and facilitates parties in adding value to innovative water technologies.




Contact: Clara Presa

Email: cpresa(at)

The cluster for water efficiency – ZINNAE involves most of the actors in the Aragon region that operate in the sector of water management and efficiency. ZINNAE is comprised of 36 members, of which 70% are business entities, together with dedicated research and higher education institutions, local and supra-regional public authorities as well as other relevant stakeholders in the Aragon water sector, as well as energy related organisations. ZINNAE is a cluster following the quadruple helix collaboration approach, with multiple possibilities for multi-disciplinary collaborative projects among its members.

ZINNAE actively undertakes and promotes networking, creating opportunities, facilitating relationship building with public administrations and EU contacts. ZINNAE is recognised by the Smart Specialization Strategy of Aragon region in Spain (RIS3), participating in European (EIP-Water, ERRIN) networks with strong visibility at the European level, allowing for a greater range of innovation and investment opportunities. ZINNAE promotes the innovative ideas of its members through developing collaborative RD&I projects, facilitating collaborative business. This not only boosts collaboration between business entities, it can result in the design of new products and services. ZINNAE is developing projects in the following three expertise areas: smart water management: monitoring systems and ICT applications, solutions for efficient use of water and energy associated from buildings and dwellings and urban green areas and lastly solutions for efficient management of water and energy associated with agriculture.




Contact: Cristina Casian

Email: cristina.casian(at)

Éa éco-entreprises is a specialised cluster in environmental and sustainable development with 127 members mainly based in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur (PACA) Region, France. Founded in 1996, the network gathers a large set of complementary skills: research centers & universities, businesses as well as local authorities and NGOs. Éa éco-entreprises today adopts an integrated approach, by covering different but key thematic priorities : water, waste, polluted sites and soils, air quality, biodiversity, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

Éa éco-entreprises aims at assisting its members at all stages of their development, with the objective to foster emerging innovative solutions to measure, prevent, minimize or compensate the impacts of human activities on the environment. The cluster activities are achieved through three strategic areas, including sustainable and competitive territories, life quality in the Mediterranean area, and stakeholders of transition. This has ensured the integration of concepts and technology that has benefitted the PACA region. Since 2010, Éa éco-entreprises has become the regional delegation of the Pôle Eau (the national WATER cluster) in Provence Alps Côte d’Azur region. At a national level, Ea éco-entreprises is the vice-president of the Association for Promotion and Export Development of French Eco-technologies (PEXE) and also the representative of French SME-SMI at the French Water Partnership.” This means that we can provide our members with a voice on the European stage.

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