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Case Study: Rachio’s smart sprinklers to increase water efficiency

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With irrigation accounting for around 70% of freshwater use globally, much has been made about how inefficient traditional irrigation methods are and how it wastes freshwater. However, American company Rachio has developed a new water saving sprinkler control system which is easily installed into your home and connected to your personal Wi-Fi.

The system is designed to replace inefficient sprinkler control systems and reduce wastewater and it can all be tracked via your smartphone after downloading their free application. The advanced technology has burst onto the scene after recently winning the GigaOM’s mobilize product showcase, a coveted prize in America for up and coming technologies.

The state of your plants and lawns are automatically shown on your smartphone, whether they need to be watered and when the last time they were watered was. The sprinklers can be turned on and off through the click of a button or by using a timer, and rainfall is even tracked to make sure the sprinklers are not automatically turned on when they are not needed.

At the moment this technology is fresh and only for personal use, however with certain developments this technology has the potential to be transferred onto a larger scale. Were this to be used in the agricultural industry, the savings could be enormous.

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