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Case Study: Scottish Water creates renewable energy in the water industry

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Scottish Water has developed 10 hydro-turbine schemes (with 23 more in development) using Difgen technologies to take a gigantic step towards creating substantial amounts of renewable energy. The newly built Difgen hydro turbine, the first of this kind to open within the UK, is large enough to power 150 homes and is located at Denny near Falkirk (Scotland).

Duncan Collins, Managing Director of Zeropex UK Ltd, which has developed the technology, said: “We are delighted that our Difgen, which harnesses the natural power of water flowing through our pipes through pressure reduction, has been chosen by Scottish Water to generate renewable energy. Difgen is an excellent way of extracting added value from a natural resource without having an adverse impact on the environment, and helping to provide electricity for households and businesses in Scotland.”

You probably wouldn’t think this, but the water industry contributes to 1% of the national Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in the UK. This means it is a key contributor of GHG emissions and solutions need to be found to help reduce this.

However, it is difficult to reduce energy consumption in the water industry when the demand for water is increasing due to a constantly growing population. But there are still ways to create renewable energy through processes and technologies available on the market today, and Scottish Water has taken advantage of this.

Scottish Water currently produce 7% of the energy they consume which in turn reduces their electricity costs which they claim helps to reduce consumer prices. Whilst it is unclear how much consumer prices have been reduced, this is a good example of how innovation can be implemented for the good of the industry and the environment.

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