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Case Study: Transporting Water – increasing energy efficiency

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The transportation of water is one of the most energy intensive processes within the water industry. This is mainly due to the motors that pump water from its source (e.g. Reservoirs) to treatment plants towards homes and industries. Due to poor infrastructure and technology a lot of water is lost in leaks, reducing the availability of clean water, affecting pressure in pipes and therefore increasing the amount of energy needed to transport the water and meet demand.

ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. ABB provide high efficiency motors that are vital in reducing the carbon footprint of the water industry by making sure the least amount of energy is used in the transportation of water.

In order to reduce the amount of water lost due to poor pipelines, new infrastructure could be built. However, this is extremely cost intensive, meaning water utility companies are not willing to pay the costs needed to modernize thousands of miles of pipeline. Siemens has produced a ‘Pipeline Management System’ called SIWA to solve this problem.

SIWA is designed specifically for the water industry, and offers functions like optimization, simulation, prediction and monitoring of leaks. In order to reduce energy consumption this clever piece of technology allows companies to calculate the optimum operational schedule for pumps. SIWA can reduce the amount of leaks with a system that seeks out leaks and tracks them to within a metre on the pipeline system. There is also a system included that can simulate faults, preparing users for when the real scenario occurs so that no time is lost. SIWA is easily integrated into existing pipeline management systems.

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